Monday, February 18, 2008


Thought i'd just start this entry with my current software that I use for poker (where sites allow it).

I currently utilise Pokertracker for all my statistics recording, and Gametime+ for a HUD. I'm debating switching to Pokerace, as i've found that Gametime+ needs at least an orbit for you to run it, whereas pokerace will come up straight away ... any thoughts out there?

I find Pokertracker to be vital in both analysing my own game, and then in feeding the HUD to view other players' styles, and to select my seat at the table - or whether to even play on a table in the first place if its too tight! (but that can be another blog entry)

So far playing 6max limit holdem my key stats per pokertracker show
  • a VPIP of around 28
  • PFR 20
  • AF 2
  • WTSD 40%
  • W$SD 51%

I'm currently pretty happy with my VPIP (voluntarily put in pot) where I loosely utilise the Stoxtrader guidelines, with some adjustments for opponents. I think I can comfortably say i'm happy with a preflop raise of 20% and an aggression factor of 2. For my went to show down, I suspect 40% is a little bit too high, and i'd like that to read closer to 38 or 39%, which should also increase my win $ at show down %.

As far as poker playing goes, I think i've done about 8 hours or so since my last blog (I had the day off work yesterday - but also had to keep my new kitten under control). It started poorly, as I dropped a quick $80 the day after my last post. I then proceeded to have a shocking run of bad beats, which included

  • Twice having the nut flush only for the board to pair on the river to lose to a full house
  • 3 times having the top pair or better, only to have a gutshot hit my opponent on the river
  • 3 times having AK with the flop including an A against AX where X is less than 10 and X hitting again on the river
  • Twice having the nut straight only for a flush to hit on the river

Having said that, I also received a Party poker reload, which I only took up for $15 (15% at 8x points), where i quickly proceeded to have a super hot run of hitting every flop on a super soft table with people calling me down and making $150 in about 15 mins on 2/4. I also noticed in my email today another one from Party offering a $60 bonus, so i'll have to see what kinda deal I get there, and might end up taking that one up too.

On the bonus front, i've got 3 hours to go on William Hill to finish that for the month, 150 more MPPs on Sun Poker to clear $150, and i've still got a heap on Cake left to clear within the next 20 days or so. The supersoft games on party are tempting as well though ....

I also played the William Hill RTR freeroll yesterday, and managed to crash and burn. Overplayed a middle pair, and then ran supercold eventually having to push with A6s .. oh well.

Current profit: $3,960

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