Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Current sites and bonuses

Here’s the list of what I’m currently clearing / receiving:

  • Fulltilt – 27% rakeback, and earn 500 FT points per month to qualify for the freeroll
  • Sunpoker – 40% rakeback, and a $200 reload clearing at 5 MPPs per $
  • William Hill – 30% rakeback and £5 per hour for the first 5 hours
  • Chan Poker - $250 bonus clearing at 5 points per $
  • Cake Poker - 33% rakeback, $600 sign up bonus, 1,000 raked hands to qualify for the freeroll. (only a month to go and still half to clear!!)

argh, i have a lot of work to do over the next month or 2. I better not sign up for any more as i've only completed the fulltilt one so far this month!!!

Past bonuses completed:

  • Hollywood Poker - sign up bonus
  • Pokerstars PSO bonus – I still have to clear the $50 sign up part though (5 mths to expiry)
  • Party Poker - various reloads
  • Fulltilt - $600 sign up bonus, $75 ironman bonus, $75 bonus

1 comment:

nemo said...

Perhaps someday you could explain to me how the bonuses work. I've heard of a couple players who live off the bonuses alone! I find that kinda obsurd to believe in but I would like to know how to take advantage of the bonus systems.