Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Missed my freeroll

Just couldn't be arsed getting up at 4.30am for my Fulltilt freeroll, so managed to miss that one again. Still very little play this month, and haven't made too much of an inroad into my ironman bonus.

However, in the short sessions i've played i've made a few $ - even after several horrendous suckouts in a couple 20BB pots which were incredibly disappointing.

It can be a little tricky to play when you get handed a screaming baby, but he will always be the priority, so the poker tables tend to get shut down as soon as he needs attention.

I'm not really missing playing much, but that's probably because I played too many hours the month before. Still, I am enjoying it when I do get on the tables so i'm sure my volume will increase shortly. I've decided to do some consolidating of the bankroll as well, and hopefully will withdraw from a few sites I no longer really play on.

Current bankroll: $26,750
July time played: 3h
July hands played: 399
July profit / (loss): $200


Anonymous said...

Should that be: July time played, July hands played, July profit / loss.


Joshua said...

4.30am is harsh - even if i managed to wake up for that i would be playing so bad cos i was half asleep. Far better to pick and choose when you are feeling in the mood.