Monday, July 26, 2010

And missed another one

Can't wait for daylight savings - I just can't do the 4.30am thing at the moment, particularly with Dylan waking me up at various points during the night anyways, so there goes another freeroll without me even playing a single hand.

I've played all of 50 hands since the last post, and won a few BBs. Lost a few with a 3 barrel bluff that got raised on the river, but also did some solid value betting which was called down.

Will get back into the swing of things sooner or later .....

Current bankroll: $26,800
July time played: 3.5h
July hands played: 450
July profit / (loss): $250


Mike said...

My name is Mike, and I just happened upon your blog a couple months ago while searching for how best to use HUD stats. I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed following your chase since (I bookmarked your HUD stats page, actually), and feel good that there are other people out there trying to grind out some bonuses and extra cash. I'm still learning the game, but am happy to say that I've gone from $50 to $170 in the course of about 4 months just at the 2NL tables, and I certainly do appreciate your help in that.

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate.

hopefully I will start getting into a bit more volume (and blog posting) soonish.

good work on increasing the bankroll too. the hardest bit is not being tempted to jump up stakes too quickly and blowing a chunk of it in a small downswing.

Benben said...

4.30 am is painful, and i agree that daylight savings make it a huge help. Good luck getting back into it.